Documents required:

1 – Application form duly completed and signed.
2 – 2 Recent photograph with white background.
3 – Proof of flight ticket booking or flight reservation including return.
4 – Proof of accommodation (i.e. valid and existing hotel booking, etc.)
5 – Original passport and a copy of the passport Note: The passport must be valid a minimum of six months after your intended departure from Brazil and must bear the holders signature.
6 – Proof of valid travel or international health insurance covering with a minimum coverage of € 30.000, – for medical expenses valid for the entire travel period.
7 – UAE residence permit, must be valid a minimum of four months after your intended departure from Brazil.
8 – Original letter from local sponsor – indicating qualification, salary, beginning of employment or sponsorship in the UAE as well as time frame of work leave, expected date to resume duties and confirmation of upright employment relationship after return from the trip: applicant will resume work after trip on XXX and duration of work contract until XXX,  If the applicant is an owner of a company or a partner, original Company Trade License and a copy should be presented.
9 – Proof of finance such original personal bank account statement for the last six months signed and stamped by the bank (the statement must be stamped on each page at the bank as a proof of the veracity of the information).

Our service:

Giving expert advice on documentation needed for US visa application.
Preparing your initial travel documents (hotel/ ticket / itinerary).
Verifying your documents.
Filling visa applications.
Processing your visa fee payment if required (to be added).
Sorting your application and getting you an appointment.

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